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Introducing Our Brand New Subscription Packages....




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Regular Deliveries of the Finest Arrangements at a Discounted Rate

At Cebolla Fine Flowers, we are always looking for new ways to bring beauty and joy to our customers' lives alongside the excellent service and stunning designs that are associated with our brand. With many of our customers ordering regular deliveries of arrangements from us, we wondered if there was a better way to set up ongoing orders and thus the idea for our new Flowers For Your Home packages was born.

With Flowers For Your Home, you're able to set up customizable standing orders for delivery to your home for a period of three months. We set up a profile for you that includes your choice of arrangement style, color story, size, and height, and then deliver these arrangements -- hassle-free -- at the delivery interval of your choice.


These packages give you peace of mind knowing that you'll get fresh flowers brought to your door and designed to fit your tastes and lifestyle.

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