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Questions? We've Got Answers


Can I add to my order on certain dates?


Of course! You would be billed separately from the subscription flowers payment plan. If your additional arrangement is scheduled to be delivered on the same day as your subscription we will waive the delivery fee.


Can I have my order go to a friend one of the times?

Yes it can! We need a 48hr notice of any delivery changes.


Can I gift the subscription package to a friend?

Yes! When we call to verify your information for the subscription package chosen we will confirm gift options. *Please note we require upfront payment for gift packages*

Can I request a specific delivery time? (2hr window)

Yes you can! When we call to verify your information we will ask if there a time frame that works best for you for receiving our deliveries. Ex: AM, Mid-Day, PM


Can I skip a week/month?


Yes you can, we require a 48hr notice for any skipped weekly delivery. We require a 7days notice before the skipped month

Can I order 1/wk for a month but receive them all at once?

Unfortunately no.

 Do I receive a new vase every delivery?

Yes. Our drivers will pick up the previously used vase and deliver the new fresh arrangement.


What if I want to keep the vase?

You are able to keep the vase as long as you let the sales staff or the delivery driver know. There will be a separate charge for the vase you decide to keep since we do not charge for vases in the package.


What is your cancellation policy for the entire subscription?

      We have a 15 day cancellation policy for all payment plans after receiving your first delivery.


Is there a “bonus” for Subscription referral?

Yes! For every individual referral that leads to a purchase of a package you will receive a complimentary gift from Cebolla.


Can I change an address for delivery?

Yes. We need a 48hr notice of any delivery changes


Can I change my color/style arrangement?

Yes you can! We need a 48hr notice of any arrangement changes.


Is delivery included?

Delivery is a flat rate of $10 per delivery, for local deliveries (plus tax).


When do I get billed?

If you have chosen the monthly payment plan, we will charge you at the beginning of each month you are subscribed for. If you choose an all upfront payment plan you will be charged at the beginning of the subscription.


Can I use my own vase?

Yes you can! We do need a minimum of 2 vases of similar size, so we are able to switch out vases/arrangements at every delivery. We also need to confirm that your vases provided will fulfill the package purchased. (Correct size for the packaged purchase)

If I only have 1 vase can this still work?

Yes. Since we switch our arrangements/vases every delivery we would use one of our vases the designers choose. You are more than welcome to drop off the vase at least 24 hrs. before your next scheduled delivery, or we can pick the vase up from your location for $10 (plus tax).


Can I upgrade my entire package?

Of course! You are able to upgrade your purchased package at any time during your subscription


Can I downgrade my entire package?

Yes! You are able to downgrade or cancel your subscription within 15 days of your first delivery, as per our refund policy.


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