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The Cebolla Bronze Package


Our most affordable package - The Bronze Package features beautiful $80 arrangements of seasonal flowers for the low price of $70 per arrangement.


These small arrangements are perfectly sized for a bedside table, bathroom, or desk.

How It Works...

Choose from four general styles to base your arrangements on:

  • Whimsical Garden 
    Imaginative arrangements that bring to mind fairytales and magical creatures.


  • Traditional/Formal
    Mounded arrangements in the classic European style.


  • Modern
    Contemporary arrangements with unique form and an artistic flourish


  • Cheerful
    Playful arrangements with a mixture of colors and textures

bronze package new_edited_edited_edited.

Then pick your color story:

  • Neutrals 

  • Whites

  • Monochromatic 

  • Brights

  • Jewel Tones

  • Soft Pastels

  • Seasonal

And lastly select your height:

  • Tall

  • Low

All our packages include:

  • Regular Deliveries either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for three months

  • Pick up of old arrangement vases starting on second delivery date.

  • Customizable choices to fit your home and lifestyle

    • Arrangement style 

    • Color Story 

    • Height​​​​ 

  • Flat Delivery Fee of $12/delivery

  • Pay upfront for our advertised price of $70 per arrangement plus tax and delivery and save big. (See savings chart below)



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Fine Print

Our cancellation policy allows downgrades or cancellations up to 15 days after the initial delivery.

As part of our discount, all vases will be provided by Cebolla Fine Flowers - Unless Customer provides us with two vases of their own that fit arrangements at their desired price point. All Cebolla vases will be collected by our drivers.

Delivery and order changes require 48hr notice.

Local deliveries only.

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